Ordinario is a german-filipino artist based in berlin. As an architectural draftsman, he devotes himself to two- and three-dimensional shapes. These are inspired by natural forms that he repeatedly encounters in his own cultural exploration. He tries to understand his cultural roots without knowing much about them. In this way the carabaohorn becomes a leitmotif and goat heads become architectural building blocks. He graduated in 2022 as a Meisterschüler in the architecture class of the Dusseldorf Art Academy.

Already at a young age he started painting. As a graffiti artist he quickly became interested in architecture. Its shape and the performative contexts are his reasons to leave the technical part of architecture behind. Even if for many the form remains as a result of the function, for him the form is an expression of a cultural debate.

In addition to architecture, Ordinario devotes himself to various disciplines. Each has its own function and must be viewed in a larger context. The drawing always serves as the starting point for his design work. This can be created in small format on paper or as a wall drawing using architecture as support.

In this way he uses the drawing to create mannerist design methods. With those Ordinario searches for novel forms. Sometimes these searches are aimless and forms appear that he could never have designed otherwise. In any case, he tries to break away from existing patterns of thought and action. His goal is to design abstract architecture whose formal language lies beyond the world we know.

2019- 2022
Master of Arts Baukunst (Dusseldorf Art Academy)
German scholarship
Promotional award
Meisterschüler of Prof. Calle Petzinka

Since 2017
Free draftsman

2014- 2017
Bachelor of Science Architecture (Technical University Berlin)

2009- 2011
Draftsmantraining in Cologne

born in Cologne

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