Ordinario is a german-filipino artist based in cologne and berlin. As an architectural draftsman, he devotes himself to two- and three-dimensional shapes. These are inspired by natural forms that he repeatedly encounters in his own cultural exploration. He tries to understand his cultural roots without knowing much about them. In this way the carabaohorn becomes a leitmotif and goat heads become architectural building blocks. He graduated 2022 as a Meisterschüler in the architecture class of the Düsseldorf Art Academy and was awarded with the promotional prize.

Ordinario embarks on a journey of intercultural techniques. He describes himself as a cultural „in-between“ and thus becomes an experimenter who wants to blur the boundaries of his origins. As a result, a new world emerges that follows its own rules. The shapes appearing through this order are "freehand-symmetrical". They are created by an “invisible grid” that allows Ordinario to appear point by point. This technique allows him to orientate himself precisely on a two-dimensional medium without a prefabricated grid. He moves between geometric construction and freehand drawing with the basis of architectural operation. The result are blueprints of shapes, patterns and signs.

Referring to the post-structuralist thinking in France at the end of the 1960s, Ordinario understands his shapes as signs without a direct connection to their origin. Rather, he tries to understand what they are not, in order to approach their actual meaning. In doing so, he always engages himself exploring new places, which influence the appearing shape. In that way houses become bearers of his abstract signs. Horns, fins and scale-like repeating geometries are like notes on a world he is trying to get to know. He wants to capture something that isn't there. Imprecise memories become precise shapes.

The architectural work in three-dimensional (building) objects helps Ordinario to transfer his sign into the real world and manifest his work into a language of cultural practice. He wants his signs become relevant for people, that experience the same identity crisis he did. Everyone is an equal part of this world and so he wants everyone feeling that way. People can find his forms on hidden places by exploring or simply hang a unique blueprint in their living rooms.

2019- 2022
Akademiebrief Baukunst (Düsseldorf Art Academy)
German scholarship
Promotional award
Meisterschüler of Prof. Calle Petzinka

Since 2017
Free draftsman

2014- 2017
Bachelor of Science Architecture (Technical University Berlin)

2009- 2011
Draftsmantraining in Cologne

born in Cologne

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